Professional Selling Techniques

Program Duration: 4 Days

Program Objectives:

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:
• Be more confident in mastering sales process.
• Identify customer needs and requirements.
• Discover customer purchase triggers and capitalize on them.
• Open and close sales professionally.
• Present a product or service that adds a real value to the customers.
• Negotiate and deal with customer objectives.

Program Outcomes:
• Deploy human behavior model in understanding customer needs.
• Utilize questioning techniques for professional sales.
• Apply body language skills for supporting process.
• Develop action plans for developing sales relationship with the concerned customers.

Program Contents:
Planning of Sales Meeting

• Awareness of the customer.
• Appreciation of the relationship with the customer.
• Preparation of the company products and services portfolio.
• Objectives setting.

Opening a Sales Meeting
• Rapport building.
• Strategic positioning of the company.
• Examples of the company initiatives and value added solutions to customers.
• Exploration of the buyer’s intents and desires.

Identification of Customer Needs
• Identifying customer needs and expectations.
• Understanding customer behavior.
• Listening to the voice of customer.
• Utilization of questioning techniques.

Customer Centric Selling Process
• Selling strategies that add a value.
• Consultative selling and the proposed solutions.
• Negotiating for win – win.
• Handling customer objectives.
• Building partnership.
• Closing the sales.

Program Design and Target Participants:
This program is designed for sales team leaders, supervisors and sales representative who are eager to distinguish themselves as
Sales professionals and real partners in the customer’s success.

Program Delivery Methods:
• Assessment.
• Workshops.
• Role plays.
• Video case studies.
• Individual and group exercises.